About Us

The Construction House was formed in 2014 with a team of highly-skilled, passionate and self-motivated young people. We are a full-service dedicated firm providing end to end solution space planning, cost evaluation and related services.


A creative, innovative, talented and qualified young team design a unique blend of functional and aesthetic office, residential and public space environments.


Highly qualified and experienced architects, designers, project managers, engineers, supervisor, and a skilled labour force in excess of 500 persons with the reputation of working round-the-clock.


Currently working with only market available Mild steel and Stainless Steel Fixtures

What We Do?

We provide a complete solution for civil and interior work including HVAC, electrical and fire fighting services, any kind of false ceiling solution, electrical, fabrication, plumbing, carpentry work, painting, flooring, etc.

Trusted by some of Amazing Brands

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Obtain an engineered soil test of lot where construction is planned. From an engineer or company specializing in soil testing.

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